Winter League 2017/18 – Round 4 Final Results!

The Rock Over Climbing Winter League is here

Prizes include a coaching session from British Climbing Heroes Nathan Phillips and Michaela Tracy as well as being immortalised by having your name engraved on our shiny new Winter League Shield!

It’s free to enter, just pick up a score-card at reception and get going

Round 4 – Final Results & Prizes!

Congratulations again to our winners!!

Results for all rounds and final rankings can be found in the spread sheet below.

Elite Men:
1st Place – Ashley Nutt
2nd Place – Mikey Sinclaire
3rd Place – Jacob Davies

Elite Women:
1st Place – Alice Thompson
2nd Place – Anna Ferre
3rd Place – Martene Rourke

Fun Men:
1st Place – Leon Harrison-Baker
2nd Place – Dave Jinks
3rd Place – Jerold Siah

Fun Female:
1st Place – Laura Trewick
2nd Place – Kirsty Hawksworth
2nd Place – Kirsty Exley
3rd Place – Caitlin Bell
3rd Place Lucy Owen

12-15’s Girls:
1st Place – Tilly Vasic
2nd Place – Megan Cockburn
3rd Place – Anna Keeling

12-15’s Boys:
1st Place – James Baumber
2nd Place – Jack Cooper
3rd Place – Elijah Gough

7-11’s Girls:
1st Place – Maisie Sayer
2nd Place – Jessica Baker
3rd Place – Amy Gibbons

7-11’s Boys:
1st Place – James Woodiwiss
2nd Place – Max Hodson
3rd Place – Hamza Rashid

Staff Men:
1st Place – Sam P
2nd Place – Tom L
3rd Place – Steve C

Staff Women:
1st Place – Jen W
2nd Place – Mel J
3rd Place – Emerald M

Round 3

And the Round 3 Raffle Prizes go to……………

  1.  Erin Farragher – 15oz Metolius Super Chalk
  2.  Freddie Bubble – £10 voucher for the Rock Over Shop
  3.  Jess Delplace – 15oz Metolius Super Chalk
  4.  Tom Flint – A Climbing Brush
  5.  David Ellis – 30g of ProBalm Extreme Skin Care
  6.  Anna Ferre – £10 voucher for the Rock Over Shop

Round 2

And the Round 2 Raffle Prizes go to……………

  1. Bryan Roberts – 15oz Metolius Super Chalk
  2. David Ellis – £10 voucher for the Rock Over Shop
  3.  Morgan Little – 15oz Metolius Super Chalk
  4.  Lucy Owen – A Climbing Brush
  5.  Chris Smith – 30g of ProBalm Extreme Skin Care
  6. Anna Keeling – £10 voucher for the Rock Over Shop

A full recap of the scores can be found here:

Round 1

And the Round 1 Raffle Prizes go to……………

  1. Lionel Liew – 15oz Metolius Super Chalk
  2. Luke Pearce – £10 voucher for the Rock Over Shop
  3.  Jonathan Holman – 15oz Metolius Super Chalk
  4.  Katy Exley – A Sublime Climbing Brush
  5.  Phillip Mitchell – 30g of ProBalm Extreme Skin Care
  6. Leon Evans – £10 voucher for the Rock Over Shop

To collect your prizes please ask at reception next time you are in for a climb!

What is bouldering?

You need no ropes, harnesses or other equipment to do it, and there are no scary heights involved! Anybody of any fitness, ability or strength can enjoy bouldering; there is something in it for everyone.

A great work out.

It is a fantastic way of keeping fit and strong, but without putting too much pressure on your body. Watch as you quickly develop and continuously set yourself new heights to aim for.


Just as when you were young and used to climb trees or swing around on the climbing frames, bouldering is a natural, and addictive, sport.


Climbing and bouldering is an extremely relaxed and sociable pastime. It is a great way of meeting new people and staying fit, whilst having fun at the same time.

A challenge.

Some people look to challenge themselves to climb as hard as possible, others just look to enjoy the freedom of movement. You will find a complete mix of abilities from beginners, children, adults, families, and world-class climbers all enjoying themselves.

For the family.

Parents and children can climb together, or if you prefer Mums and Dads, you can just chill reading the paper and having one of our tummy-filling cakes, whilst the little ones wear themselves ragged having a brilliant time on our walls.