How to Register

Experienced Climber

To use Rock Over Climbing you must have prior experience climbing at an indoor wall, it doesn’t matter what grade you climb, just that you’re happy to climb safely in an indoor environment.

If you’re visiting us for the first time and wish to become a member then you can register here.


Beginner Climber

If you have never used a climbing wall before then you are required to either be signed in and supervised by another Rock Over Climbing registered member, or book onto one of our induction courses. The induction courses provide instruction on safe use of the centre, safe use of the climbing wall and instruction on how to climb and to get the most out of Rock Over Climbing. Please contact us for more details.


 Junior Climber

Novice climbers who are under 18 years old will require supervision from a competent adult who is a registered user of Rock Over Climbing. This can either be a parent, relative or friend (parental consent required) or one of our qualified instructors. Non Experienced Adult Climbers who wish to become registered members can do so be undertaking the Rock Over Climbing Induction.

If you’re aged over 14 but under 18 and would like to climb without adult supervision, you can also use Rock Over Climbing but are required to pass an Under 18 climbing assessment. Please contact us for more details. You can¬†register here.