On The Move Sports Massage

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Who can benefit from Sports Massage?

From the seasoned climber, to the couch potato or the stressed out office worker- there are benefits to be reaped for just about anyone – regardless of your sporting involvement! Book onto a session today online or at reception and find out the benefits yourself!


About Charlie (On the Move):

Charlie is a Level 3 ITEC qualified Sports Massage Therapist with a massive love for the outdoors and a fascination in the human body- from fitness to psychology to nutrition. He has been working as a mobile therapist at sporting events, clients’ homes and now is also based here at Rock Over Climbing!

With all of his sessions he takes a client-centred approach, along with a big smile and a friendly attitude towards giving you the most effective treatment for your needs.

As well as climbing he is a keen skier, and having worked as a ski instructor for the past few years he has experienced the huge benefits of sports massage during training and teaching weeks to help with performance and aid recovery.

He is also currently training to become a Physiotherapist at University.


Charlie’s services:

After an initial consultation including a postural and body examination, Charlie will be able to tailor your session to treat your individual needs. The sports massage session will consist of a range of the following depending on your specific needs:

– injury prevention massage (postural work, relieving tension in tight muscles)

– maintenance massage (deep tissue recovery during breaks from hard training)

– rehabilitation massage (sports or occupational injury recovery)

– pre event / post event massage (muscle preparation/muscle recovery- perfect for climbing sessions)

– relaxation massage (great stress buster- involves slow tension releasing movements)

Using a combination of: deep tissue work, soft tissue therapy, muscle energy techniques, myofascial release/trigger point therapy and manual stretching techniques.

As well as post massage advice for stretching, warming up, cooling down and resting.